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Satisfying Mix Of Styles

Satisfying Mix Of Styles

Who: Baggsmen, Bladez of Hadez
Where: The Cambridge Hotel
When: Friday October 24, 2003

FOLLOWING up a debut album is never an easy task.

Such was the case for drum'n'bass trio BAGGSMEN, which is celebrating the release of its second album Eleven Stages.

The album follows the release of the 2001 album Curiosity Flow.

``Many bands find it d ficult to go through because you release your first album and it creates expectations both within yourself and the fans,'' bassist TONY BUCHANAN said.

``Writing that second album was a killer but we got there in the end and it happened really quickly.

'' The result is 11 tracks that preserve the band's drum'n'bass roots with touches of hip hop and a few surprises like the hard-edged Long Strong Diamond .

The track features the vocals of Sydney musician JAKE STONE, one of four guest vocalists.

``Originally the song was an instrumental and it was quite aggressive in parts,'' Buchanan said.

``We were really precious about it and never thought we could use a vocalist on it but when Jake came in he really made the song.

Most electronic acts who use guest vocalists, such as GERLING, run into problems when they attempt to play live but Baggsmen have ensured that they won't encounter such issues.

``All of the vocalists will be on tour with us.

We usually fly when we're on tour but this time around we have been driving so we can take all the vocalists on the road too.

``We have been doing a lot of jams and freestyles on stage, mixing up some new school hip hop rhythms, stuff like THE NEPTUNES style grooves.

'' Catch Baggsmen at the CAMBRIDGE HOTEL on Friday night with BLADES OF HADES.

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