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Industrial Drive
Mayfield 2304

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Articles Featuring Club Phoenix

Artist or Event Title Publication Date
Your Move  Make Your Move 12/8/1998
The Roy Orbison Tribute  Big O Back at Phoenix 19/8/1998
Singles Mingle  Singles to Mingle 19/8/1998
The Whispering Jack Show  Whispering Jack is Back 2/9/1998
Stayin Alive  Being the Bee Gees 2/9/1998
Jeannie Little  A Little Fun, Dahhhliiinng 23/9/1998
Spice Power  Put Some Spice in Your Nightlife 23/9/1998
The Neil Diamond Show  Show Takes a Shine to Neil 2/12/1998
Darren Coggan  New Breed at Phoenix 9/12/1998
Mitchell Shadlow  Shadlow Shines with Slim Polish 16/12/1998
Shooga Katz  Shake it With Shooga 20/1/1999
Beatrix  Back to The Beatles 27/1/1999
bAg  Trio Bag Good Sound 27/1/1999
Jukebox Jive  Gotta Get that Jive 3/2/1999
Clint Beattie  Clint Comes of Age 10/2/1999
One Fish Two Fish  Gone Fishing at Phoenix 10/2/1999
Adam Brand  Top country star for Show 17/2/1999
Sixties Mania  Sixties Mania Relived 17/2/1999
Miles From Nowhere  Unplugged Sound Hits Spot 31/3/1999
Mark Kristian  Cabaret Stars Blast into Past 31/3/1999
Satellite V  Classic Night for Dancing 21/4/1999
Morgan Kent  Cabaret Night 28/4/1999
Anne Kirkpatrick  Country Siren 5/5/1999
Tamara Stewart  Club encore for country star 19/5/1999
The Shuffle Kings  Shuffle to the Shuffle 2/6/1999
Beatnix  Relive Beatles 9/6/1999
Brien McVernon  McVernon Set to Release Single 16/6/1999
The Shuffle Kings  Bop to a Swinging Attitude 23/6/1999
Country Sunday  Country Talent at Pheonix 21/7/1999
The Crosbie Sisters  Harmony All in the Family 28/7/1999
The Heartfelt Rodneys  Serious Dags with a Passion 4/8/1999
Goul's Night Out  Biting Comments Welcome 11/8/1999
Family Von Trapp  Family Von Trapp Meets Elvis, Buddy and Marilyn - What an Interesting Concept 18/8/1999
Brent Parlane  Web of Oopportunity 8/9/1999
Ol '55  Ol' Beat Hard to Beat 15/9/1999
Pheonix Summer Ball  Beach Ball Gets Rolling 29/9/1999
GANGgajang  The Gang's all Here 29/9/1999
Kasey Chambers  Spend this Sunday in a Country Field 3/11/1999
Radioactive  Duo Covers all Styles 10/11/1999
Nicole Brophy  Budding Talent Plays at Phoenix 1/12/1999
Snape Bros  Musicians Keeping it in the Family 8/12/1999
Jo'K and Elvis Tribute Show  It's the Kings and I in Phoenix Tribute Show 15/12/1999
Shanley Del  Her own Sweet Time 15/12/1999
Beccy Cole  Country Star at Phoenix 22/12/1999
The Tributes  Bop Along Until Dawn 29/12/1999
The Searchers  Backing Band from Pop's Golden Age 12/1/2000
Satellite V  Satellite in Orbit For a Hot '50s Sound 26/1/2000
Snape Bros  Phoenix Rises for Snapes 26/1/2000
Jon English  Phoenix Club to Host Life and Times of Jon English 9/2/2000
Southern Steel  Chance to Hear Lyn 16/2/2000
Young Stars of Country  Country's Young Talent Kick up their Heels 1/3/2000
DTY  Pop Rock: Popular 8/3/2000
The Delltones  Rock and Roll really is Here to Stay 29/3/2000
Kasey Chambers  Kasey's the New Face of Country 29/3/2000
DTY  Harmonies Explored 29/3/2000
Wolverines  Ready for a Howling Good Time 5/4/2000
Chad Morgan  The Sheik of Scrubby Creek 19/4/2000
Pru Clearwater  Shania Twain 26/4/2000
Glenn Shorrock  Cool Change: 17/5/2000
Shanley Del  Shanley a Star in Own Right 24/5/2000
Robertson Brothers  Brothers Rolling in Fresh Soap 7/6/2000
Fruitcake  Fruitcake for Singles 14/6/2000
Love That Hat  Cheeky Trio at Phoenix for Limited Gigs 5/7/2000
Midnight Oil  A Smell of Oils is in the Air 5/7/2000
The Bee Gees  Two Hours of Bee Gees Best 12/7/2000
Tania Kernaghan  Top Music Cowgirl at Phoenix 19/7/2000
Hokio Showband  Shorrock Hits a New Audience 19/7/2000
Lyn Bowtell  Bowtell Heading to Phoenix 13/9/2000
Jig Zag  Acoustic Boppers Return 4/10/2000
Tuckitinya  Tuckitinya Primed to set Phoenix Ablaze 8/11/2000
Jacuzzi Suit  Jacuzzi Suits the Funky Groovers 29/11/2000
Dave Sutherland  Jukebox will have New Year's Eve joint jumping 27/12/2000
GANGgajang  Time to Roll out the Album for the Gang's All Here 10/1/2001
New Generation  Taxiride Tag is no Insult 10/1/2001
Buskers and Angels  Jon English's Encore of Greatest Hits 10/1/2001
Jacuzzi Suit  Getting into the groovy suit 24/1/2001
Sara Storer  Storer Fresh From Golden Guitar Win 14/2/2001
Lisa Hunt  Prolific Diva Lisa Hunt Brings Her Incredible Soul to Town 28/2/2001
The Crosbie Sisters  Sisters Bring a Touch of Country to Big Smoke 7/3/2001
Felicity Urquhart  Thank God, Felicity's a Country Girl 11/4/2001
Raebekah Roycroft  Pure, Powerful Roycroft Pride of the Country 11/4/2001
Adam Harvey  Harvey Headed to Club Phoenix 18/4/2001
Grant Richardson  Richardson Brings the Country to Town 18/4/2001
Kate Ballantyne  Kate Takes Plugs Out 2/5/2001
Wolverines  Wolverines Rev Up for Phoenix Bash 15/5/2001
The Shuffle Kings  Shuffle Kings Ready to Deal With Diversity 6/6/2001
The Whispering Jack Show  Whisper on the Farnham show is a great time 20/6/2001
Jon English  English Returns to Stage 18/7/2001
Daniel Arvidson  Funky New Single for Popular Knights Song Writer 14/11/2001
Kevin Borich  Guitar Guru Just Keeps on Plucking 12/12/2001
The Choirboys  Boys Will Still Be Boys 21/1/2004
Russell Morris  Offering Sweet, Sweet Love 11/2/2004

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