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Two Hours of Bee Gees Best

Two Hours of Bee Gees Best

Who: The Bee Gees
Where: Club Phoenix
When: Sunday July 16, 2000

FEW groups can still pull new fans and push successful singles out onto the charts after 30 years of fame and fortune.

The BEE GEES are one group that have managed both and are still going strong.

They owned the 70s and they certainly stamped a link in the international music chain throughout the 80s and even well into the late 90s.

Whether you long for the plaintive hits of the 60s, the SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER of the 70s or their hit albums of the 90s, the VERY BEST OF THE BEE GEES SHOW will bring it all flooding back.

Even the not-so-appealing memories of platforms and flares could sneak in when the familiar tunes start cranking.

The Phoenix Club is hosting a two-hour complete discography of the BEE GEES ' finest songs on Sunday July 16.

With the extremely successful ONE NIGHT ONLY tour over, the group will be a long way from Australian shores.

But this is a chance to enjoy the live seven-piece band presentation in which every song will be played and with no recording or sequencing.

The show boasts around 30 tracks in two sets, beginning with songs such as NEW YORK MINING DISASTER through to STAYIN' ALIVE and their current hit ALONE .

Performed in full four-part harmony, as on the original recordings, the VERY BEST OF THE BEE GEES SHOW should bring back memories. Bookings are advised = 4967-4044.

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