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Shorrock Hits a New Audience

Shorrock Hits a New Audience

Who: Hokio Showband
Where: Club Phoenix
When: Saturday July 22, 2000

THE voice of GLEN SHORROCK strikes a chord in music lovers tuned into FM radio stations specialising in hits and memories from the late 1970s and early 1980s.

But his music is still captivating a younger audience.

This Saturday night at the Phoenix Club, Shorrock will join forces with the Maori HOKIO SHOWBAND, a group of 18 to 26-year-olds whose lives were transformed by the music of his most famous group LITTLE RIVER BAND. According to Shorrock Hokio Show Band members 'cut their teeth getting out of trouble through music' as 'street kids who rehabilitated themselves through music'.

When Shorrock heard of the group he made contact with the members, arranged a meeting and was floored by the band's musicianship and harmonies.

'They carried on that great tradition of Maori showbands and love singing harmony so obviously the whole LRB material was perfect,' he said.

'They love it, and that gives me a little bit of charge as well.'

With the Hokio Showband Shorrock will present a Little River Band tribute, but will also perform other hits from band's such as AXIOM and THE TWILIGHTS. Shorrock's first number one record was NEEDLE IN A HAYSTACK in 1964 with THE TWILIGHTS, which he followed with LITTLE RAY OF SUNSHINE and ARKANSAS GRASS (with BRIAN CADD) in Axiom.

Between 1978 and 1982, with the Little River Band, Shorrock boasted a US top 10 single every year.

Most of the band's hits such as HELP IS ON THE WAY, REMINISCING, SHUT DOWN TURN OFF and COOL CHANGE, were written by Shorrock.TE

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