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Being the Bee Gees

Being the Bee Gees

Who: Stayin Alive
Where: Club Phoenix
When: Friday September 11, 1998

THEY may look a little like the BEE GEES but can STAYIN' ALIVE - THE ULTIMATE BEE GEES TRIBUTE SHOW actually sing like the dukes of disco?

This will be the million-dollar question to be answered on Friday, September 11, when STAYIN' ALIVE takes to the stage beneath the big mirror ball at Club Phoenix.

Capturing 'the distinctive voices and harmonies of the BEE GEES' is a big promise to make, particularly when you consider the unique qualities of hits such as HOW DEEP IS YOUR LOVE, STAYIN' ALIVE and NIGHT FEVER from the million-selling SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER soundtrack.

The groups says it is up to the task, and boasts an impressive list of casinos, industry balls, resort gigs and corporate engagements where it has pulled off its act.

Guitarist and vocalist MICHAEL CLIFT performs the role of BARRY GIBB, keyboard player, guitarist and vocalist WAYNE HOSKING performs the role of MAURICE GIBB, guitarist and vocalist DAVID SCOTT performs the role of ROBIN GIBB, while TONY RICHARDS on bass guitar and MICHAEL MITCHELL on drums complete the rhythm section.

Expect to hear all of the BEE GEES' fabulous hits including I JUST WANNA BE YOUR EVERYTHING, GOTTA GET A MESSAGE TO YOU, ISLANDS IN THE STREAM, MORE THAN A WOMAN, SPICKS & SPECKS and more. And all for free! TE

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