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Clint Comes of Age

Clint Comes of Age

Who: Clint Beattie
Where: Club Phoenix
When: Sunday February 14, 1999

GOLDEN guitar winner CLINT BEATTIE has come a long way since being ferried to and from country talent quests by his parents as a teenager from his home in Gloucester, north of Newcastle.

Performing for COUNTRY JAM this Sunday at Club Phoenix, Beattie has fulfilled a dream of travelling to Nashville where he met dozens of country songwriters.

Eventually the EMI-signed performer, now in his mid-twenties, went on to record an unreleased GARTH BROOKS tune FROM WHERE I'M STANDING, as well as enjoying success with his own songs I BELIEVE THE WHEEL DOES TURN, RUNNING OUT OF ROAD and YOUR MAN. Beattie will be joined on stage this Sunday with label mate FELICITY, who recorded a duet last year with Beattie.

The Tamworth-based songbird, 23, released her debut CD which featured the duet, a blues flavoured tune EARLY HOURS from the pen of COLD CHISEL songwriter DON WALKER. Felicity's second single SUGAR TOWN was the second most played song on the national country music charts in 1998, and has been played on GROUND ZERO and VIDEO HITS. In November she was chosen to step into NICKY BUCKLEY'S shoes on SALE OF THE CENTURY. TE

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