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Satellite in Orbit For a Hot '50s Sound

Satellite in Orbit For a Hot '50s Sound

Who: Satellite V
Where: Club Phoenix
When: Saturday January 29, 2000

JUMPIN' jivin' rock'n'rollers SATELLITE 5 play the authentic and obscure sounds of the 1950s, from the deep south of America.

Playing this Saturday night at Phoenix with EIGHT BALL BABY and DJ JIMMY DEE, Satellite 5 features the slapping bass and driving guitar rhythms of STEVE WOOD and ROY PAIN. Their groove is accentuated by the vocals of TIM KNUCKEY and drummer ED COLBOURNE. The group's repertoire features knee-slapping and toe-tapping renditions of HANK WILLIAMS and GEORGE JONES, with the wilder sounds of THE BURNETTE TRIO, SONNY FISHER and more.

Like Satellite 5, Eight Ball Baby is dedicated to reproducing the wild raucous sounds of original 1950s rockabilly.

Their main influences are 'SUN' (RECORDS) ELVIS and the Burnette Trio, 'with all the yelps, hollers and insanity of JERRY LEE LEWIS and LITTLE RICHARD. 'Eight Ball Baby have a dance-a-billy factor of 10/10, packing the dance floors with boppin' cats and swinging kittens, hellbent on fun,' the band raves.

'The audience will have about as much chance of standing still as the band themselves, what with stand-up bass, stand-up drummer, and two swingin' hepcats on guitar who look straight out of '56, with the hair and the shoes!'

Saturday night will be 8 Ball Baby's final gig until April.

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