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Guitar Guru Just Keeps on Plucking

Guitar Guru Just Keeps on Plucking

Who: Kevin Borich
Where: Club Phoenix
Author: Sarah Allport
When: Saturday December 29, 2001

IT'S not often an artist continues to make albums and perform live after more than 30 years in the business but Kevin Borich is one of the few exceptions.

The renowned guitarist has played with some of the most talented musicians in the world, including Santana, and was a support act for Elton John and Status Quo. But Borich is not just a support act or special guest.

He has had an impressive career in his own right, stemming from his beginnings with New Zealand band La-De-Das. The La-De-Das recorded more than 20 albums and survived the transition from the '60s to the '70s. They eventually split, leaving Borich as a solo artist.

He then formed a three-piece band called The Kevin Borich Express, featuring John Annas on drums and Harry Brus on bass, two of the most respected musicians in Australia.

Not only has Kevin Borich endured the changes in society but his music has remained fresh.

Borich uses an old 1930s National Steel Acoustic guitar to add variety to the show.

Borich has not only made good music, he has set the standard for other guitarists.

After the Rockarena in 1977 at Calder Park Raceway, during which Santana invited Borich onstage to jam, Santana said Borich was one of the best guitarists he had ever played with.

His latest album Heart Starter again showcases Borich's talent that Santana spoke of.

Catch The Kevin Borich Express at Phoenix Sports on December 29.

Admission is free.

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