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Ol' Beat Hard to Beat

Ol' Beat Hard to Beat

Who: Ol '55
Where: Club Phoenix
When: Saturday September 18, 1999

WITH OL'55 you know what you're going to get - twanging guitars, a driving beat and gravity-defying hair!

And let's not forget those songs.

This Saturday night at Phoenix, Ol'55, featuring original singer ROCKPILE JONES (pictured centre) will be belting out clangers such as TAKE IT GREASY, CRUISIN' FOR A BRUISIN' and THE VAULT. But it will be the old favourites that will bring the 1950s dancers out of the woodwork, according to Jones and his mates.

'Your head knows the melody, your feet know the rhythm,' Jones says.

'Next thing you know you're dancing. That's a typical Ol'55 gig. We stick to what we know. Old style rock'n'roll with tight vocal harmonies.

'And we always know when to pull a slow one.'

Members of Ol'55 are (from left) MARK FAIRHURST on drums, DAVE SCOTLAND on guitar, KIM CONSTABLE on bass and PETER NORTHCOTT on sax, piano and vocals. Jones says Ol'55 theme nights attract dance studios, car clubs and legions of 1950s music fans.TE

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