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King Street Hotel

Corner of King and Steel Streets
Newcastle West 2309
Website: http://www.kingstreethotel.com/

Articles : Timeline

Articles Featuring King Street Hotel

Artist or Event Title Publication Date
Nutshell Breaks  Nutshell Breaks 20/8/2003
Nutshell Breaks  Popular DJ Returns to the Decks 17/9/2003
Nutshell Breaks  And The Crowd Will Dance 26/11/2003
Rogue Traders  Traders are One of a Kind 17/12/2003
Nutshell Breaks  Intent On Transcending The Genre 17/12/2003
Localbeats  Dimitri a Huge Hit With City's Dance Fans 14/1/2004
Krafty Kuts  DJ Continues to Ride High 14/1/2004
Krafty Kuts  Kuts Shows He Knows His Craft 21/1/2004
Vitalbeats  DJ's Turn Tables on Each Other 21/1/2004
Declan Lee  The More The Merrier For A Monster Music Mash 4/2/2004
Nutshell Breaks  Heavyweight Down Under 11/2/2004
Blend  Hotel Set's Pace For Night Scene 25/2/2004
Groove Terminator  Get Into Dirty, Grungy House Tracks 3/3/2004
Blend  Music Wizard Day and Night 10/3/2004
Vitalbeats  Vitalbeats Spreading Around Town 10/3/2004
Vitalbeats  Trance Dance 17/3/2004
Localbeats  12 hours of Mixing It Up 7/4/2004
Nutshell Breaks  Desk Job Delights Joy 14/4/2004
Alex Patterson  It's Chill Out Time 14/4/2004
Nutshell Breaks  British Beats Boys Twice Are Warriors 18/8/2004
Thrill Popper  New Name New Game 8/9/2004
One Love  DJ On Course To Launch One Love 22/9/2004
Nutshell Breaks  Beat Freaks To Top The Bill 29/9/2004
Tim Mcgee  Vinyl Addiction Leads To Career 13/10/2004
Nutshell Breaks  Back To The Breakbeat 20/10/2004
Nutshell Breaks  Men With Soul On Trajectory 3/11/2004
Mylo  Mylo Makes A Mark On The Floor 17/11/2004
Nutshell Breaks  Visually Stunning Event 9/2/2005
Alan Thompson  Club Discs In Top Hands 23/2/2005
The Martini Club  Join The Club For Some Slick, Sexy Fusion 11/5/2005
John Course and Mark Dynamix  Ministering Sound Around The Traps 15/6/2005
Andy Ward  Ward To Bare His Soul 29/6/2005
Boogaloo Crew  Enjoy The Spice Of Life 6/7/2005
DJ Albert Cabrera  Kink On Deck With One Of New York's Finest 13/7/2005
Dirty Laundry  Group On Funk Odyssey 31/8/2005
Andy Van  Dance Man Back With Second Cut 14/9/2005
Junior Sanchez  House Daddy To Get Dirty 21/9/2005
John Course  Launch Into Onelove Vol. 3 12/10/2005
Alan Thompson  Globe Trottin' Dj Man 16/11/2005
Kate Monroe  Monroe Applies A Matt Finish 14/12/2005
Sneaky Sound System  Premier Party Band In Town 1/2/2006
Alan Thompson  Diverse But Always Funky 8/2/2006
Kid Kenobi  Busy Big Kid Is Mixing It Up 15/2/2006
Grant Smillie  A Smillie Stamp For Artist With Top Single 15/3/2006

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