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New Name New Game

New Name New Game

Who: Thrill Popper
Where: King Street Hotel
When: Saturday September 11, 2004

MAINSTREAM success with the pop-dance duo MADISON AVENUE could have been the kiss of death for ANDY VAN. The Melbourne DJ and producer led a string of commercial hits with singer CHEYNE COATES, including Don't Call Me Baby which sold over a million copies and reached number one in the UK and Australia, before disbanding the act after just one album.

Van, who has been a respected name on Australia's dance scene for the past 14 years, walked away with his reputation intact.

Before Madison Avenue, Van had produced club hits under a variety of names including KEY SOUTH, BUBBLEMAN, ASTRAL PROJECT and BLACKOUT.

``I came away fine,'' Van said.

`People recognise that I have been playing around for eight years prior to Madison Avenue, paying my dues, slogging away playing every style from house to techno.``They appreciated what I did for the dance scene.``A couple of people said something like, `I hate the music you made, but you did well for Australia'.'' With his Madison Avenue days behind him, he has focused on his own work.

His own label, VICIOUS, made a mark on the charts recently with the success of Australian rap act J-WESS.

Van continues to play at least three nights a week at nightclubs around the country and has been producing a bunch of new tracks.

But don't expect to find his new tracks under the name Andy Van at your record store.

His new working name is THRILL POPPER, as he likes to take on a new name with every new project.

Catch Van behind the decks at KING STREET HOTEL on Saturday night. Entry is free.

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