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Dance Man Back With Second Cut

Dance Man Back With Second Cut

Who: Andy Van
Where: King Street Hotel
When: Saturday September 17, 2005

AFTER the success of the first Vicious Cuts compilation, the leading Australian dance-music label is back with a follow-up.

Vicious Cuts 2 was released this month and features tunes mixed by Vicious co-owner and well-known DJ and producer Andy Van, formerly of Madison Avenue fame.

With a new album comes a national club tour. It will appear at the King Street Hotel on Saturday night.

Van will pump out plenty of house tracks featured on the album, including dance-floor staples from the likes of Supafly, Soulwax, Sgt Slick and mrTimothy. Vicious Cuts 2 is the latest release from Van in a career that has spanned almost 20 years on the Australian dance- music scene. He is the man behind some of the biggest club tunes of the past decade and peaked in the late '90s as one half of the duo Madison Avenue which released a string of hits including the breakthrough Don't Call Me Baby. Achieving commercial success could have easily paved the way for backlash from purists of the dance scene but Van said that was never the case.``People recognise that I have been playing around for eight years prior to Madison Avenue, paying my dues, slogging away playing every style from house to techno,'' Van said.``They appreciated what I did for the dance scene.``A couple of people said something like, `I hate the music you made, but you did well for Australia'.''These days Van prefers to collaborate with fellow DJs and producers in the studio, most recently teaming with 16th Element's Kam Denny to form the production team Vandalism. But Van insists he could never choose between playing club dates and working in the studio.``I love DJing for the immediate positive responses I get when I do a rockin' set,'' Van said. ``I love production because it enables me to make my mark on the music scene,'' Van said.

The doors will open at King Street at 9pm on Saturday.

Entry is free.

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