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Busy Big Kid Is Mixing It Up

Busy Big Kid Is Mixing It Up

Who: Kid Kenobi, MC Shureshock, J-Dubs, DSteady and The Grifters
Where: King Street Hotel
When: Friday February 17, 2006

KID Kenobi is on fire.

The three-time consecutive Technics DJ of the Year has just come off a two-week tour with the Big Day Out and has picked up a job hosting the Mix Up program on Triple J .

He will slip back into DJ mode when he plays at King Street Hotel on Friday night.

The Sydney DJ has upheld a solid reputation as the country's favourite DJ for years and has released a popular series of breaks-themed albums through Ministry of Sound, including the latest, Kid Kenobi Sessions. It was put together while Kenobi was touring last year.

``We were pretty flat out in the UK because we were doing the new CD while we were over there for the first couple of weeks and then we were touring every weekend.

``It was pretty much work, which is kind of hard to get used to, I guess, because when you go overseas you always think of it as being a big holiday, travelling and that kind of thing,'' he said.

``It kind of puts a weird bent on it but, you know, when you think of it as work, well, at the same time you're very lucky to go over there to do work as well.'' When not in the studio, Kenobi was playing clubs and festivals, including Fabric, Blowpop and Scottish festival T In The Park. In Scotland he shared the bill with the likes of Snoop Dogg and The Killers. Not surprisingly, Kenobi felt overwhelmed by the size of the event but was lucky enough to have a handful of Aussies cheering him on.

``We were just there looking at the crowd saying, `Right! You probably have no idea who we are but, anyway, we're from Australia, and let's hope you like it,' and they did. They really loved it.'' ``As always there's always a lot of Aussies over there and there were heaps of Aussies at that gig. In fact, all the gigs we played over there seemed to have some Aussie contingent over there.``You can be on the other side of the world and a club is busy cause you're playing and its all because Australians are so patriotic, and so proud of Australian DJs playing over there.'' Kenobi will be joined by MC Shureshock on Friday, supported by J-Dubs, DSteady and The Grifters. Doors open at 10pm and entry is $10.

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