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Nutshell Breaks

Nutshell Breaks

Who: DJ Mutiny
What: Nutshell Breaks
Where: King Street Hotel
When: Saturday August 23, 2003

THE majority of DJs start out behind the decks before they pursue an interest in their own productions.

But UK DJ MUTINY , who headlines this month's NUTSHELL BREAKS , is one of the few who has made the shift from producer to DJ.

``I had been into jungle and drum'n'bass for a long time and a friend of mine had a very basic production set- up,'' DJ Mutiny said.

``So it was pretty much just the natural progression to get into DJing after that.

'' Mutiny worked his way up by playing plenty of memorable gigs in small bars, namely one gig in Birmingham where he was refused entry for wearing sneakers.

``Eventually they let me in but only after I agreed to put on the managers spare pair of spine-shiveringly sleazy snakeskin shoes.

'' The London born DJ began his focus on breakbeat in 2000.

``Since 2000, I've been doing mainly breakbeat but I do put together the occasional hip-hop beat or just general experimental stuff.

``I'm working on some material with MC INCYTE as well as AREF DURVESH , who is one of the top tabla players in the world.

'' Mutiny holds residencies at London's DEFENSIVE BREAKS, BREAKTHRU and BREAKBEAT CONNECTION and also runs the labels FUNKATECH and CYBERFUNK .

Mutiny will play Nutshell at the KING STREET HOTEL on Saturday from 9pm with BASS KLEPH, ESCAHER AND MC DA HERBALIST, AUXILARY and KATO .

``I've got a load of brand new material from producers like DEEP IMPACT, DEEKLINE, DJ QUEST and SKOOL OF THOUGHT so expect to hear a lot of wicked tracks that won't be released for quite a while.

'' ``I'll be playing quite high- energy stuff, quite funky, some darker stuff and non- stop basslines.

'' Tickets are $10 from PDMS, RAMJET, ABICUS and the King Street Hotel or $15 on the door.

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