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Group On Funk Odyssey

Group On Funk Odyssey

Who: Dirty Laundry
Where: King Street Hotel
When: Saturday September 3, 2005

DIRTY Laundry say the best way to describe them is ``a unique electro-funk odyssey of talent and tomfoolery''. But really what does this mean. Seany B , Dean Cherny and JJ Styles all draw inspiration from a number of musical genres to create an eclectic mix of funk- infused house, hip-hop, jazz and soul. to produce the group Dirty Laundry. Depending on the gig, night and room available on stage, the group can include only two or many more. At any time the group can include two DJs, another vocalist and several live musicians playing at a gig with them.

As two of Melbourne's most accomplished DJs, Cherny and Styles have a collective musical arsenal that traces back over two decades, and they say they are not afraid to use it. The group play what they described as 1970s disco, 1980s glam, rare a cappellas, hip-hop chants and monster scratches.

Styles said Seany B was a master of the turntable.

``Seany B's raw energy, talent, and finesse is something you need to experience to fully appreciate,'' Styles said.

``Phasing in and out of the tracks, Seany displays his gift of the gab with poise and precision.'' Styles also said the singer known as Patricia (aka Miss P) had a voice to rival any house diva.

``Her sexy vocals and sweet harmonies add a whole other dimension to the DL [Dirty Laundry] experience and her performances are often a highlight of the show,'' Styles said.

The group also includes Cisco on percussion and Stevie Richards on the saxophone.

Dirty Laundry recently returned from a successful tour with the Bonds Summer Roadshow , as well as a national tour.

The group had some success last year with their first single Nuttin But A Party .

Also earlier this year their second single, Melbourne: The Sex The City, (check) earlier this year received plenty of radio play time.

Dirty Laundry will play at the King Street Hotel on Saturday September 3 .

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