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The More The Merrier For A Monster Music Mash

The More The Merrier For A Monster Music Mash

Who: Declan Lee, Tim Mcgee, Kato, Patsan, Matt Kavon
Where: King Street Hotel
When: Saturday February 7, 2004

FOR those who thought mash was something served alongside a plate of peas, think again.

The term has become synonymous with dance music and describes the method used by DJs who mix together a stack of tracks otherwise called a ``mash up.' ' Sydney's WOK DJS (comprising DECLAN LEE and TIM McGEE ) and DJ AJAX have joined forces on the new MINISTRY OF SOUND compilation album Mashed, blending breakbeat, electro, tech house and even punk.

Ajax said the album gave the trio the chance to work with an eclectic variety of artists.

``Mash up for want of a better term let's say mashed, is all about contrived eclecticism, wannabe randomness, musical juxtaposition and irreverent genre-nisation,'' Ajax said.

``It's about making a bit of noise, having a little fun, singing along and perhaps getting a little silly.'' Boasting 45 tracks across two discs, The Wok DJs feature GOLDFRAPP, GREEN VELVET and BENNY BENASSI on disc one and add a touch of '80s to the tunes.

Ajax takes over on disc two marking his first foray on a compilation album and opens with a slice of GARY NUMAN 's electro classic Cars with tunes from BASEMENT JAXX and PEACHES .

``I love groups like Daft Punk, Gonzales, Peaches, Basement Jaxx you know, jump up and party stuff, but I also like my more intimate stuff as well like Soft Pink Truth and the like.

``This project, that Tim approached me with, suited me to a tee.'' KING STREET HOTEL will bring the Mashed tour to Newcastle on Saturday night with DJs Tim McGee, KATO, PATSAN and MATT KAVON .

Sydney-born McGee began DJing in the late '80s and has become one of the biggest names in Australia's dance industry not only as a DJ but also as the head of Australia's contingent of Ministry of Sound.

As one half of the Wok DJs, he also runs the HUSSLE record label and has shared the decks with FELIX DA HOUSECAT and ROGER SANCHEZ .

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