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DJ Continues to Ride High

DJ Continues to Ride High

Who: Krafty Kuts, Friendly, Auxilary, Kato, Skoob, Decaff, J Jay
Where: King Street Hotel
When: Wednesday January 14, 2004

THE popularity of KRAFTY KUTS is undeniable.

In 2002 the British DJ/producer was voted Most Popular International DJ at the AUSTRALIAN DANCE MUSIC AWARDS and he continues to ride high on the release of his new album Tricka Technology.

Krafty Kuts has returned Down Under for his first tour in 12 months and will play at KING STREET HOTEL tonight during his third appearance at NUTSHELL BREAKS.

Renowned for his blend of hip hop-heavy breakbeat, Krafty Kuts has been DJing since he was a teen and has developed a reputation as the classic party-style DJ.

Krafty Kut, real name MARTIN REEVES , said punters can expect the best tonight.

``I've got some great music, an array of good hip-hop and breakbeat,'' he said.

"I'm coming armed with the best tunes this time.

Bigger and better.

Just the whole collection of stuff that I've have is more unique that no one's got.

'' He said people can expect to hear his own material as well as tunes he produced A SKILLS , the 21-year-old whom he worked with on Tricka Technology .

`A good thing about the album is that there are no samples on there at all.

All musically replayed or created from musicians.

``I've gone back to my roots of hip-hop and funk and soul and that's where its at and that's where I began.

That's the first album that I wanted to demonstrate of the music I am so in love with.

'' Krafty Kuts will be joined by FRIENDLY, AUXILARY, KATO, SKOOB, BOOGIE, DECAFF and J*JAY.

Tickets are $20 from THREESIXTYSOUNDS, PDMS, RAMJET, ABICUS and King Street Hotel or $25 at the door from 9pm.

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