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QWB - Queens Wharf Brewery

150 Wharf Road
Newcastle 2300
Website: http://www.qwb.com.au/

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Articles Featuring QWB - Queens Wharf Brewery

Artist or Event Title Publication Date
Reservoir Dogs  Brewery bops on 2/12/1998
The Nevilles  House Rockers 23/12/1998
Dizi  Keep Dancing Until You're Dizi 7/4/1999
Valhalla  Visual and musical 12/5/1999
Chart Busters  Who Ya Gonna Call 26/5/1999
Brewery Gigs  Brewing up The Big Party Nights 9/6/1999
Party Vibe  Blasts From the Past at the Brewery 4/8/1999
The Brewery  The Home of Cool 3/11/1999
Floyd Vincent and the Childbrides  Latino Band's Reprise 12/1/2000
Dizi  Dizi Spins up New Face to Turn Heads 14/6/2000
Floyd Vincent and the Childbrides  Bringing Brides Back to Brewery 5/7/2000
Brothers Grim  Fantabulously Grimm 27/12/2000
JJ Sam  Personality-Charged Performers 10/1/2001
Saxanova  Cool Jazz for Summer Nights 17/1/2001
Splurge  Splurge Has Urge to Please 14/2/2001
Groovejet  Groovy Outfit an Eclectic Mixture 8/8/2001
The Blue Heeler Band  True Beauty Joins the Blue Heelers 22/8/2001
Hey Baby  Hey Baby Cover all Funky Bases 29/8/2001
The Feelers  Extending the Feelers Kiwi Group Primed to Blaze at Brewery 28/11/2001
Pacifier (formerly Shihad)  NZ Rockers Ready to Bring Roof Down at New Year Concert 19/12/2001
Glue  Stick With the Best, Rock on With New Glue 13/2/2002
Kate Ballantyne  Ballantyne to be Valentine for Fans as Brewery Beckons 13/2/2002
The Tenants  Tenants, Show Us Your SKA 14/8/2002
Diana ah Naid  Singer's Punchy Lyrics Hit Back 24/3/2003
Escalate 2003  WHEN you get along 26/3/2003
Sunday Harbour Beats  Beat Track to Brewery 9/7/2003
Hornet  Hornet Buzzes The Fans 15/10/2003
On  On A Winning Roll With Catchy Blend 12/11/2003
Machine Gun Fellatio  All Fired Up 17/12/2003
Brooke Harvey  Girl Has Plenty to Sing For 4/2/2004
Sunday Harbour Beats  A certain Edge To Cloud's Offerings 11/2/2004
Phil Smart  A Small Artist For Beat Menu 25/2/2004
PTY LTD  PTY LTD: A Live Act is Good Company 3/3/2004
Globe Mix  Mixing It Up Global Style 3/3/2004
  More Than Million-Dollar Views 1/9/2004
Butterfingers  More To This Band's Music Menu 1/9/2004
National Pronographic  Curious Name Opens Door 1/9/2004
Smirnoff Ice Inthemix On Tour Parties  One Big Touring Party 8/9/2004
The Beautiful Girls  Fans Welcome Stopover 27/10/2004
Sharif Galal  Galal Picks Cream Of The Crop For CD 3/11/2004
Thirsty Merc  Thirst For Success Met 10/11/2004
Kurtis  A Melting Pot Of Happy Vibes 15/12/2004
28 Days  Rebellion In 28 Days 5/1/2005
Sue and Mikey Show  Stylish Act Of Variety, Range 26/1/2005
Groove Relations  Getting A Regular Groove 6/4/2005
Lisa Hunt  Gospel According To This Forever Soul Sister 6/4/2005
Bad Pennies  It's Gotta Be Rock, And Loud 18/5/2005
Jebediah  No Fuss Over Birthday, Just Music 15/6/2005
Quaan  Rock Outfit Promises Huge Farewell 22/6/2005
Driver Eight  Driver Eight Put The Pedal Down 31/8/2005
Harry's Lookout  Harry's Lookout To Enjoy The View 28/9/2005
Bodyjar  Bodyjar To Lift The Lid On Album 5/10/2005
Bella  Bella Offers Triple Treat 18/1/2006
Nick Everitt  Pilot Is A Happy Man Now He's Flying Solo 8/3/2006

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