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A Melting Pot Of Happy Vibes

A Melting Pot Of Happy Vibes

Who: Kurtis
Where: QWB - Queens Wharf Brewery
When: Wednesday December 15, 2004

IT is no secret that Byron Bay-based musician KURTIS is a happy guy.

Just have a listen to his debut album, Foundations. The feel-good mix of upbeat funk and retro-inspired soul was released in August this year and has quickly earnt Kurtis and his band a reputation as Australia's answer to UK groovers JAMIROQUAI. ``I've always been a happy sort of person,'' Kurtis said.

``I have always been pretty easygoing but at the same time I have that passion inside me that makes me want to achieve my goals.'' Kurtis began studying music when he was five years old, starting out with classical piano before progressing to a guitar which he ``borrowed'' from his twin brother.

After growing up in Sydney, he moved to Byron Bay where he studied at Southern Cross University and majored in songwriting.

``I met a lot of musicians at uni and if it was a really demanding course because I'd gone from classical to this contemporary way of writing but it definitely made me realise I wanted to be a musician.'' He performed in bands around Sydney for a couple of years before teaming with core members guitarist SAM SHINE and bassist BROOK REES three years ago to form Kurtis.

He said the group's sound, which records as a 19-piece but usually plays live as a nine-piece, was a melting pot of the styles he had played over the years.

He still reckons there is room for improvement.

``All my music has progressed to what it is now,'' Kurtis said.

``My voice wasn't mature before and my music needs a good voice to sing it . even now my voice is not quite there but I think it's getting better and better.'' Kurtis will perform with his band at THE BREWERY tonight from 10pm.

Entry is free

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