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It's Gotta Be Rock, And Loud

It's Gotta Be Rock, And Loud

Who: Bad Pennies, iOta
Where: QWB - Queens Wharf Brewery
When: Sunday May 22, 2005

MELBOURNE rock quartet Bad Pennies are heading out of their hometown for the first time this weekend to play a string of shows in Sydney and Newcastle.

It will bring the band to The Brewery supporting iOta on Sunday night.

``I just hope we get there in one piece!,'' frontman Luke Brizzi laughed.

``Two Toragaos heading out on a 10 hour drive through the night, we should be raising hell! I can't wait.'' Bad Pennies are touring on the back of their catchy debut single Already Tried which was launched last week before a sell-out crowd in Melbourne.

It was produced by Mark Opitz who has previously worked with many of the bands Brizzi cites among Bad Pennies' biggest influences.

``We're all big Kiss and AC/DC fans,'' Brizzi said.

``We love stuff from the past and present and it really spreads from The Beatles to The Darkness.'' Brizzi formed the core of Bad Pennies three years ago with long-time friend and drummer Jamie Grossi. The pair grew up together and have played in bands since high school, with rock was always the favoured style for Brizzi and Grossi.

``We're best friends and it's good too because we understand each other really well,'' Brizzi said.

``It's always been rock for us though. It's our roots.

We grew up listening to anything that had a loud guitar in it.'' With the addition of Adrian Kluke on lead guitar and Vinnie Betts on bass, Bad Pennies have been rocking audiences around Melbourne for the past three years.

While an album is on the cards, Brizzi said it would be a while yet before the band has the chance to record it.

Tickets cost $8 on the door at Sunday's show.

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