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Bringing Brides Back to Brewery

Bringing Brides Back to Brewery

Who: Floyd Vincent and the Childbrides
Where: QWB - Queens Wharf Brewery
When: Friday July 7, 2000

DRUM MEDIA once said it was impossible to criticise anything about FLOYD VINCENT AND THE CHILD BRIDES. Newcastle seems to agree.

Vincent himself has said Newcastle and the NSW north coast offer the band's most loyal crowds and this week's gig at the Queens Wharf Brewery promises to be no different.

'Newcastle is one of the thriving music scenes in Australia and there are more gigs in the Newcastle gig guide than in any other town of that size,' Vincent said.

With a new album due out at the start of next year, Vincent is in the thick of experimenting with music technology, and more electronic sounds are set to creep into the outfit's music.

'It will be more contemporary, with the use of more samples,' Vincent said.

'It will be a combination of electronic meets human-played instruments.'

This Friday's gig, though, should hold no drastic surprises for fans.

It simply promises the usual energy, brilliant sound and adoring crowd that the CHILD BRIDES never fail to provide.

The Sydney-based band has toured Australia fairly constantly over the past five years and knocked over four European tours.

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