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311 Wharf Road
Newcastle 2300
Website: http://www.fannys.com.au/

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Articles Featuring Fanny's

Artist or Event Title Publication Date
The Neil Diamond Show  Like a Diamond 29/7/1998
Dostumlar  Winner on Show 12/8/1998
The Velvet Interspection  Surfest Heats Up 3/3/1999
Robyn Laou  Teen Queen Grows Up 26/5/1999
The Monarchs  Guru Starts His Own Reign 1/9/1999
Rebecca's Empire  Rebecca's Back with Empire and All New Album and New Tour 22/9/1999
Ty  A Hot October Night 6/10/1999
Little Hornet  Launch at Fanny's 20/10/1999
NX-FM Garth and Steve Non-Event  Radio Duo set to Debunk Party Hype 1/12/1999
Muzzy Pep  Muzzy Pepping up Web Walkers 22/12/1999
Radio Bandits  Millennium Not Covered 12/1/2000
Screamfeeder  Feeding on a Fistful of Covers 19/1/2000
Supaslide  Yeah, Blame it on the Weird Guy 2/2/2000
Compost  Dig the Music as Compost Gets Down and Real Dirty 9/2/2000
Women of Troy  Troy boys bring their pop to town 16/2/2000
Sprung Monkey  Monkey Biz: 8/3/2000
The Testeagles  Testeagles Fly in for Album Launch 22/3/2000
The Royal Crown Review  Swing still Swings 19/4/2000
The Royal Crown Review  Swing's Crown Jewel 3/5/2000
The Doves  The Doves Fly in to Fanny's 14/6/2000
Eva Trout  Australia's Gain 21/6/2000
Rock Science  Smorgasbord of Sound 19/7/2000
Deadstar  Rising Stars at Fannys 23/8/2000
Jebediah  Jebediah Swings in for Fanny's Gig 25/10/2000
Jebediah  Sweet Homecoming 15/11/2000
Fancy Nancy  Guitar Slingin' Man Gives Fancy Nancy a Harder Edge 20/12/2000
Go  Ready Steady Go 31/1/2001
The Porkers  Porkers Primed for Raging Surf Session 7/3/2001
Groove Terminator  Surfest Serving up Tidal Wave of Dance Tunes 14/3/2001
george  Golden George to Blow Newie Away…Again 25/4/2001
Something For Kate  Big Crowds Cement a Great Gig 2/5/2001
Something For Kate  Something For the Fans 9/5/2001
Newcastle's Most Eligible Bachelor  Bachelors Line up for Fanny's 30/5/2001
Daniel Arvidson  Song Captures the Spirit of Knights' Premiership Win 10/10/2001
Guttermouth  Guttermouth Shake off the Ants 24/10/2001
The Royal Crown Review  Neo-swing Kings Fire up For Fanny's 31/10/2001
NOFX  NOFX Smaller Nearer Day 16/1/2002
Frenzal Rhomb  Another Repeat Performance of Punk History 23/1/2002
UNIversal Student Night  Fanny's Launches Uni Night 27/2/2002
NSW Playboy Party  Novocastrians Get State's First Taste of Playboy Party 1/5/2002
Express  Fruitcake Members Soldier on 15/5/2002
Ignition  Ignition Promises New Fanny's Era 22/5/2002
Funkstar  Funkstar Fans Out in Force For Taste of Fanny's Action 22/5/2002
Bachelor of the Year Competition  Get Out the Score Cards Girls, as top Bachelors Vie for Title 12/6/2002
P76  Brothers' Vehicle Bound to Get Crowds Moving 19/6/2002
DJ KCB  DJ to hit launch pad at Fanny's for national promotion 26/6/2002
2002 Most Eligible Bachelor Competition  Finding Mr Right 7/8/2002
  Happenin Place 21/8/2002
Miss Indy Ultimate Sports Model Search  Winning Streak for Ultimate Winsome Beauty 2/10/2002
newcastleparty.com  Birthday Bash For Party Goers 9/10/2002
Miss Surfest 2003  Tiffani Wood 26/3/2003
Urban Groove  JJ Sam 7/5/2003
Smirnoff Ultimate Man Competition  Ultimate Competition For Men 22/10/2003
DJ Dopey  DJ With Golden Touch 7/4/2004
MC Scribe  Show Us P-Money Maker of Music 18/8/2004
Bliss N Eso  Two Mcs, One DJ Prove To Be A1 15/9/2004
Ultimate Man Competition  What Women Want 22/9/2004
Craig Obey  Scratch The Surface For Dj Genius 16/2/2005
Sarah Love  One Girl And A Lot Of Groove 23/3/2005
Random  R&b Boys Show Their Serious Side 11/1/2006
Nino Brown  Djs Blaze In For Hip-hop Mix 1/2/2006
DJ Samrai  Dj Samrai Blazes 1/3/2006

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