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Smorgasbord of Sound

Smorgasbord of Sound

Who: Rock Science
Where: Fanny's
When: Thursday July 27, 2000

IMAGINE a dirty great slice of rock'n'roll flavoured with ample sprinklings of THE STEMS, VANILLA FUDGE, THE STOOGES and THE SUNNYBOYS. Now start salivating.

Next Thursday, July 27, Fanny's is serving up such a two-course treat in the form of groovesome Melbourne outfit ROCK SCIENCE, with the grandaddies of Oz stoner rock TUMBLEWEED for dessert.

With a mix of raucous garage punk, and an enormous central plank of swirling psychedelic Hammond organ, Rocket Science ain't exactly reinventing the wheel.

But rock'n'roll's not exactly, er ... rocket science, now is it.

What they do, they do well, well enough in fact to have been signed by hipper-than-thou major label affiliate MODULAR RECORDS, home to BEN LEE and THE LIVING END, so expect to see and hear plenty more from these guys.

The video BURN IN HELL from the debut album WELCOME ABOARD THE 3C10, is a treat, filmed on the tarmac and in a cockpit.

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