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Feeding on a Fistful of Covers

Feeding on a Fistful of Covers

Who: Screamfeeder
Where: Fanny's
When: Friday January 21, 2000

WHILE most bands aspire to escape from coversville, Brisbane rock band SCREAMFEEDER has just released an album full of covers, called HOME AGE. Playing tomorrow night at Fanny's with TUMBLEWEED, Screamfeeder originally planned to record only WALLS COME TUMBLING DOWN by THE STYLE COUNCIL and four originals, but then deided to go with all covers.

The band has 'promised' to keep the originals for its next album.

'A covers record is something we wouldn't usually get the chance to do,' the trio of DEAN SCHWEREB, KELLIE LLOYD and TIM STEWARD, said in a statement.

'It's something fun, with no pressure attached, and aside from the progression of official Screamfeeder releases, somewhere we can do what we want and there's no feeling of having to make the record sound a certain way.

'It's somewhere we can let the songs lead us into places we might otherwise not have gone.'

Other covers on the album include songs by THE WHO, DAVID BOWIE, THE WALKER BROTHERS, HUSKER DU, THE BEATLES and a tune called THE WORD IS NO from SESAME ST!

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