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Muzzy Pepping up Web Walkers

Muzzy Pepping up Web Walkers

Who: Muzzy Pep
Where: Fanny's
When: Thursday December 23, 1999

AFTER spending all but a few weeks of 1999 touring the east coast of Australia, MUZZY PEP will deliver a rare Newcastle show tomorrow night at Fanny's, the group's second local gig in as many weeks.

The occasion is the launch of the band's latest single, KICKFLIP LOLLY, as an MP3 file from its website at www.muzzypep.com.

If you don't have a computer at home, you can wait for the album release early next year.

We heard a sneak preview of the new album last week at Croatian Wickham Sports Club, where the band performed with CABIN FEVER. The latest Muzzy Pep tunes were typical high-energy pop songs, such as CLICHE ZOO from THIS IS NOT ART, but newer material displays depth such as WATCHING THE LEMONS DROP, a countrified pot shot at the pokies.

Kickflip Lolly is a poke at the rave scene and features the line '300 beats per second takes some getting used to'.

It's fun, high-energy pop with Muzzy Pep's standard issue poignant lyrics, inventive arrangements and melodies that stick.

Muzzy Pep were featured last Saturday on the CHANNEL TEN live night time music and youth program GROUND ZERO.

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