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Djs Blaze In For Hip-hop Mix

Djs Blaze In For Hip-hop Mix

Who: Nino Brown
Where: Fanny's
When: Friday February 3, 2006

NINO Brown looks set to have another hit on his bands with his latest hip-hop compilation Blazin' 5: The Mixtape .

Brown unleashed his first mixtape- style album Blazin' in 2002 and has been churning them out annually since, racking up sales of more than 120,000.

His latest collection includes one disc mixed by himself and a second by long-time collaborator Samrai, featuring tunes by the likes of 50 Cent, Scribe and Kanye West .

Its release has been supported by a national tour by both Brown and Samrai, with appearances from guest MCs Phrase and Tyree .

Brown is regarded as one of Australia's top hip-hop and R&B DJs. and in his long career, he has supported and performed with the likes of Snoop Dogg, Ja Rule, Naughty by Nature and Fatman Scoop. All have appeared on Brown's Blazin' collections.Brown also has his own syndicated radio mix-ups and a weekly column in Sydney street press 3DWorld. He kicked off the Blazin' 5 tour last month and is thrilled to be touring again. He will play at Fanny's on Friday night. ``I am so excited about Blazin5,'' Brown said.``It's such an awesome mix CD and this tour is gonna be the biggest one yet.''Samrai will return to play his own set at Fanny's on Wednesday, March 1.

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