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Newcastle Leagues Club

17 National Park Street
Newcastle 2300

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Articles Featuring Newcastle Leagues Club

Artist or Event Title Publication Date
The Marones  Marones Provide Colour in Tribute 18/2/2004
Koolism  Koolism Try To Keep It Real 23/6/2004
Specticle  Spectacle For All Ages 1/9/2004
The Herd  Anybody But John Herd 29/9/2004
Mindstate  Putting A Sense Of Humour Into Hip-hop 10/11/2004
Rock Against Cancer  Bands' Stand On Cancer 24/11/2004
Downsyde  Band On The Up And Up 24/11/2004
Architecture In Helsinki  Whirlwind Teaser Visit 1/12/2004
Nunchukka Superfly  New Album Multi-Styled 5/1/2005
Pacesetter  Pacesetters Get On A Roll 19/1/2005
Bam Bam  Free Hip-hop Treat For Fans 19/1/2005
Afrosound International  Worldwide Hip Hop For Connoisseurs 16/3/2005
Muph and Plutonic  Top Hip-hop A State Of Mind 23/3/2005
Mindstate  Getting Into A Hip-hop Mindstate 27/4/2005
The Hot Lies  Hardcore Punk Outfit Back In Bandroom 11/5/2005
Immune  Silver Lining For Young Rockers 11/5/2005
The Hard Ons  Reunion Not A Sign Of Going Soft 25/5/2005
The Hard Ons  Reunited To Mark 21 Years 13/7/2005
Kid Confucious  A Collage Of Soul And High Energy 13/7/2005
Spoon  Spoon To Tour Newcastle 27/7/2005
Fast Crew  A Fast Take On Hip-hop 3/8/2005
Blue Juice  Infectious Grooves 10/8/2005
Serena Ryder  Serena Ryder 10/8/2005
Blood Duster  Hard Grind Is Fun For Metal Band With Edge 31/8/2005
Peabody  Sound Ripens For Peabody 5/10/2005
Gyroscope  Gyroscope Is On The Level 12/10/2005
The Herd  Herd Gig Made For Triple J Broadcast 19/10/2005
Sleight of Hand  Heavy Rockers Get Ep To Bed 26/10/2005
Mindstate  Dogs Have Sent Plenty Of Tongues, Tails Waggin' 2/11/2005
Decoder Ring  Ring Come Full Circle With Yin And Yang 23/11/2005
Rubix Cuba  Cubie Set To Take On Santa 21/12/2005
Local Knowledge  Music With A Message Winner 8/2/2006
Koolism  Pressure For Top Hip-hop 1/3/2006
Bliss N Eso  Plug Into High-voltage Energy Of Bliss 22/3/2006

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