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Hard Grind Is Fun For Metal Band With Edge

Hard Grind Is Fun For Metal Band With Edge

Who: Blood Duster
Where: Newcastle Leagues Club
When: Friday September 2, 2005

BLOOD Duster's bass player Jason PC said fans should expect to be greeted by a band covered in ``blood'' when they run on stage to perform their death metal concert on Friday ntsI September 2 .

But don't expect a re- enactment of the concert that made Ozzy Osbourne and Black Sabbath famous. PC said biting the head off a bat just wasn't their thing.

``No, we won't be running out on stage and biting any bat or chicken heads off for the crowd's enjoyment,'' PC said.

``But we do enter the stage covered in fake theatre blood.'' Blood Duster includes Scott Belt-Thrower , Matt Rizzo , Tony Lee Ross and PC (politically correct).

PC described Blood Duster's music as ``death'' or ``grind metal'' .

But he said the group had changed a little with the times and added some softer music with the same hard-line lyrics.

``On one of our albums we put a country song on it,'' PC said.

``It was a song that we definitely wouldn't have put on our first album, it was a little bit of an experiment, we felt it needed to be done.

``The song had a strong message in it, it told about the shift in country music and how it had become so commercialised like all music, it had lost its meaning. ``A lot of metal has done the same, we're trying not to fall into that trap. Once commercial record labels get involved, music styles change.'' PC used an example from one of metal's pioneers, Metallica .

``I'm lucky to be old enough to remember when Metallica were just a group of skaters that wore ordinary clothes,'' PC said.

``They played their own style of music, they told people we're not doing video clips, just take our music and us the way we are.

``They then started getting dressed up, having their hair done, producing video clips and their style of music changed.

``But that's what a million dollars can do to you.'' PC said he first started listening to heavy metal in his teens while living in the country Victorian town of Wangaratta.

He said being a metal fan in the country was tough.

``If you ever wanted a metal record you'd have to buy a magazine and it would take two months to order it from the US,'' PC said.

``There was nowhere to listen to it first or you couldn't download a sample off the internet.

``So if it was a bad album you were pretty disappointed after two months.'' PC said his mother and father hadn't heard what the band played.

He said the only time his mother called to ask him about his band life was when she saw her son on a poster in her Victorian home town.

``We took a photo of the band for a poster and used a computer to change the photo, showing we had diseased genitals.

``Mum saw it when she was coming home from shopping, phoned me up and asked me what the hell I was doing.

``I just said `mum that's us' and she said, like mothers do, `Oh Jason', but she knows it's all part of the act, it's only a bit of fun.'' PC said even though his mother didn't sometimes approve of their advertising methods, Blood Duster was definitely a great career choice.

When he spoke to TE , PC was still jetlagged from the flight back from the band's recent tour of Europe.

``Band life is pretty good, what other career can you go overseas and have all your food, drink and accommodation paid for,'' PC said.

``We got to see the catacombs of Prague, we climbed the Eiffel Tower and saw the oldest church in Europe.

``Then we played at night and got given lots of free beer.

``Tell me any other career where that happens.'' Blood Duster will play at the Newcastle Leagues Club on Friday September 2 from 8.30pm.

Tickets are available from the front desk and cost $14 .

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