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Pressure For Top Hip-hop

Pressure For Top Hip-hop

Who: Koolism, Katalyst, Ru C.L and Fdel and DJ Noodles
Where: Newcastle Leagues Club
When: Saturday March 5, 2005

WITH an ARIA on board, Aussie hip- hop group Koolism felt a bit of pressure when recording the follow- up.

Their last album Part 3: Random Thoughts was a surprise winner at the 2004 event when it was named best urban release.

No one was more shocked than Koolism lads MC Hau and DJ Danielsan. ``We weren't even going to go to the awards because we weren't expecting to win,'' Hau said.

``So with our new record there has been that added pressure. We have always thought since we started that we were going to make music for ourselves, our friends and family, and if other people catch on, then great.

``But then gradually more people have been getting into it so there have been a bit more expectations of us.'' ``So in the back of our minds it's like, `Man we better make something good,' but really we've just got to maintain the kind of music we want to make.'' New Old Ground was released last week and pays homage to their hip- hop idols with a cover image reminiscent of a classic Run DMC album sleeve and the music itself heavy on old school-style beats and rhymes.

``Daniel and I grew up listening to groups like Run DMC and Public Enemy, and always thought it would be cool to pay homage to the album covers that we all loved,'' Hau said.

``When we were creating the album, it had that old sort of vibe so we thought it was a good opportunity to put that into practise.'' The pair's love of classic hip-hop bought them together in Canberra in 1992.Hau was rapping in another group and latched on to Daniel after looking for someone to provide the beats.Their union has remained strong ever since.Hau said people are often surprised at how long they have been working together.``When we first met we realised we had a lot in common and we both shared the same taste in music so we thought `Let's do it.'``Bands like us and Hilltop Hoods have been doing it for so long but we stuck it out and now we're finally starting to reap some rewards for it.'' Koolism is touring with Katalyst, Ru C.L and Fdel and DJ Noodles, and will perform at The Bandroom @ Newcastle Leagues Club on Sunday.

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