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Ring Come Full Circle With Yin And Yang

Ring Come Full Circle With Yin And Yang

Who: Decoder Ring
Where: Newcastle Leagues Club
When: Thursday November 24, 2005

DECODER Ring's Matt Fitzgerald reckons going from scoring the film Sommersault to recording their latest album, Fractions, was like ``ying and yang.'' ``It's a bit of a ying and a yang,'' Fitzgerald said.

``You know, you get tired of late night parties and having lots of fun so you go and do a few films and that's a more sedate experience.

``Then you go and play the Big Day Out to like 15,000 people. It's kind of one extreme to the other from something quite ambient to playing the thumping Boiler Room!'' ``I think Fractions is about sort of distilling those two really different kind of experiences into an album which is what life is, a whole lot of different experiences.'' Fitzgerald said the band considers Fractions as a journey and a progression of their soundtrack work on the award-winning film Somersault. ``We wanted to do something quite quickly with this album,'' Fitzgerald said.

``When you do a film you have to move quite quickly so we thought it would be fun to apply the same thing and do it with music and get something that is quite fresh and has a bit of a live feel but yet keeps that filmic quality of Sommersault.

``It's got a real emotional context.'' Sommersault earned the group much critical acclaim in both film and music circles, winning the coveted AFI Award for Best Score and an IF Award for Best Soundtrack.

From there the Sydney- based electronica/pop group was invited to compose the score to Tony Krawitz's film Jewboy. Fitzgerald believes the band learnt a lot from the experiences.

``We seem to learn with pretty much everything and every experience you kind of grow from.

``So we learnt a lot from doing Sommersault with opening up and being a bit more personal with what we're saying with our music.'' Decoder Ring are touring and will play The Bandroom at Newcastle Leagues Club tomorrow night before playing Homebake in Sydney on December 2.

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