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Mayfield Hotel

284 Maitland Road
Mayfield 2304

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Articles Featuring Mayfield Hotel

Artist or Event Title Publication Date
Red Rivers  Red Rivers Runs Deep 21/7/1999
Crimson Tide  Frock Rock 22/12/1999
Roger Janes  New Jazz Gig at Mayfield 16/2/2000
Scar'Child  Hard Man On and Off Stage 29/11/2000
After Dark Nightspot  Conway Features as After Dark Throws Open Doors 3/10/2001
Mayfirld Hotel's Battle of the Bands  Long Way in a Short Musical History 6/2/2002
Revolve  Girls in a Spin Cycle 6/8/2003
Brewster Brothers  Brewster Bros 20/8/2003
Vitalbeats  Vitalbeats is Back 27/8/2003
Tour de Dance  Shaking Their Things to Win 17/9/2003
DJ Angela Maison  Big Breaks for Dance Entrepreneur 24/9/2003
Vitalbeats  Mixed Styles Hard To Beat 22/10/2003
3RD Annual Blues Festival  Festival of Blues Returns 7/1/2004
Trevors House  Blues Band Adds Space to It's Sound 14/1/2004
Alice Stuart  Blues Veteran Takes to an Original Road 21/1/2004
3rd Annual Newcastle Blues Festival  New Act For Angels Siblings 28/1/2004
3rd Annual Newcastle Blues Festival  Blues is Name of the Game 4/2/2004
Heroes  Heroes Test Tide For Comeback 2/2/2005
Dai Pritchard  Guitar Man Plays For The Big Names In Rock 27/4/2005
The Angels  Yep, We Are Gonna See Their Faces Again 5/10/2005

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