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New Act For Angels Siblings

New Act For Angels Siblings

Who: Brewster Brothers
What: 3rd Annual Newcastle Blues Festival
Where: Mayfield Hotel
When: Friday February 6, 2004

TO most Australian music fans, JOHN and RICK BREWSTER are the dynamic force behind legendary pub rockers THE ANGELS . But with The Angels on ``an indefinite break'', the sibling duo is fast earning a name as one of Australia's premier blues outfits. Following the release of the new EP Any Day - Brewster Brothers Live , the pair will return to the MAYFIELD HOTEL next weekend to play at the 3RD ANNUAL NEWCASTLE BLUES FESTIVAL . ``It's not what you might expect if you were thinking we'd be doing a second generation of The Angels,'' John Brewster said. of the pair's new music. nte``It's more the singer- songwriter stuff that we're doing now. It's a bit more laid-back. But it's not all laid- back because we can certainly crank it up.'' When The Angels played their last gig in 1999, John and Rick felt the urge to continue a career in music. ``We were going through some changes in our lives but we just love our relationship as great friends and brothers and we decided that we should continue to play. ``We found ourselves really enjoying it and I'm certainly enjoying singing again.'' Performing together has been a constant for the pair who grew up in Adelaide listening to classical music under the guidance of their father before they formed a jug band and eventually discovered rock'n'roll. ``Eventually I must have had an i luence on Rick and he abandoned the piano, although he's back playing it again now and it's really opened up his playing. He's kind of come full circle,'' John said. The festival will be held from February 6 to 8. Call 0421 281 510.

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