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Newcastle West 2302

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Articles Featuring The Palais

Artist or Event Title Publication Date
Muzzy Pep  Muzzy Pep Back After a Whirlwind Tour 8/3/2000
Circus Monoxide  It's Time to Run Away to the Circus 5/4/2000
Upcoming Gigs  Saline Salvo at the Palais 21/6/2000
Hardcore 2000  Act to Snare Your Attention 28/6/2000
Killing Heidi  Heidi in For a Heavy Night 2/8/2000
59 Times the Pain  Swedish Punk Outfit Flaunts its Killer Spirit 9/8/2000
Schindlers Pist  Band 'Funny Not Offensive' 16/8/2000
Percussionale Ka Boom Ba Percussion School  Exciting Course Takes a Deal of Beating 1/5/2001
Supersonic  Supersonic to Head Concert 2/5/2001
One Dollar Short  No Dollar Shortage for Young Punk Fans 3/10/2001
Superheist  Superheist Gig to end School Year on High Note 21/11/2001
Emergency  Palais Giving Chance to new Bands 1/5/2002
For Amusement Only  Hot Melbourne Punksters Ready to Light up Newcastle 8/5/2002
Seraph's Coal  Punk Band to Put Stamp on Big Bash 8/5/2002
Palais Royale Third Birthday  When Gerling Released 26/3/2003
The Googy Egg  Easter Egg Experience 14/4/2004
The Final Curtain  Final Curtain For Our Youth 1/12/2004

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