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When Gerling Released

When Gerling Released

Who: Gerling, MGF, Supersonic
What: Palais Royale Third Birthday
Where: The Palais
When: Saturday March 29, 2003

WHEN GERLING released its second album, When Young Terrorists Chase the Sun, in September 2001 the timing could not have been worse.

"It was just f.....-up timing I guess, but we just grin and bear it," PRESSER said.

With the past behind them, Gerling will return with a new album, titled Bad Blood, in August.

Presser hopes the title won't attract such controversy, but remains cynical.

"This one is called Bad Blood, so who knows what's going to happen. Everyone will probably get some blood disease that kills everyone," he said.

Fans have been given a sample of the album with the release of the new Who's Your Daddy? EP.

The EP includes five tracks, many of which have been part of Gerling's live set for months, and sees the trio venture further into electronica.

"We kind of stuck to the electro sound because every song we make has its own kind of entity and we tried to give the EP a running theme," Presser said. "But the album is different. It's kind of like punk house music."

Unlike the album, which featured guest vocalists such as KOOL KEITH and KYLIE MINOGUE, Bad Blood will be a pure Gerling effort.

"We really enjoyed having guest singers from around the world, but it's really hard to do the songs live, so we decided to keep it inside the Gerling camp," Presser said.

Gerling will perform at the PALAIS ROYALE YOUTH VENUE on Saturday with MGF and SUPERSONIC to celebrate the Palais' third birthday.

The show starts at 7pm. Pre-sale tickets are $20 from the ROCK SHOP, SOUND WORLD, BEAUMONT ST BEAT and the Palais, or $25 on the door.

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