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Heidi in For a Heavy Night

Heidi in For a Heavy Night

Who: Killing Heidi, Palisade, Pretty Violet Stain
Where: The Palais
When: Saturday August 12, 2000

IT'LL be a hot August night at The Palais Royale on Saturday, August 12, when KILLING HEIDI rolls into town to perform its first all-ages show since SOBRIETY III and a four-song acoustic set at Garden City shopping centre. This time it will be an all-electric Killing Heidi, guitars blaring, with Newcastle band PALISADE and Sydney's PRETTY VIOLET STAIN in support. Tickets are $20 plus booking fee, available from Soundworld stores.

LOU REED: FOR the first time in 15 years the man in the shades, LOU REED, will perform in Australia at Sydney's State Theatre on Thursday, October 15. The famous New York rock'n'roller, charged with elevating rock music to the status of the great literature, will play Adelaide, Melbourne and Canberra before headlining the LIVID FESTIVAL on Saturday, October 21, in Brisbane. Famous for his pithy, working class parables, evoking heavenly images of the seedier side of life, such as TAKE A WALK ON THE WILD SIDE and DIRTY BOULEVARDE, Reed describes his latest album as his 'best recording ever', alongside THE BLUE MASK, NEW YORK and TRANSFORMER'. SHOW CASE: THE Cambridge Hotel and Millennium Business Management will present six of Newcastle's best original bands on Wednesday, August 12 in a music showcase called OVERDRIVE. Committed to producing their own styles with wide appeal, CUTAWAY, MINX, 11 ELEVEN, EQUINIBRIUM, VALHALLA and JARR'D have all recorded albums but are still seeking recording contracts. The gig will feature special guests SLINK and TYRONE from LITTLE HORNET, half-price drinks from 8pm to 10pm and door prizes, as well as CD and T-shirt giveaways.

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