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Ducks Nuts Hotel

Crn Hunter & Steel Street
Newcastle West 2302

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Articles Featuring Ducks Nuts Hotel

Artist or Event Title Publication Date
Muzzy Pep  Not Serious, No Labels 21/10/1998
Charlottes Soiree  Unearthed Runners Up Charlottes Soiree 25/11/1998
Muzzy Pep  Muzzy Pep rRumbles for the Masses 16/12/1998
Shank'D  Three's Perfect 27/1/1999
The Slots  Family: Slots of Memories 27/1/1999
Chixdiggit  Check Out the Chix 14/4/1999
Cult 45  Looking at Life Through Black PVC 5/5/1999
Slink  Slink Into a Groove 9/6/1999
Lussh  Lussh Rocks into Duck's Nuts 25/8/1999
Spook  So Much Fun it's Spooky 23/2/2000
Jarr'd  Busy Boys . . . 6/9/2000
Crush  Rush for the Crush and Know the Hot Hits are Covered 20/3/2002
Exodia  Proud Of It's Party Tracks 7/7/2004

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