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Proud Of It's Party Tracks

Proud Of It's Party Tracks

Who: Exodia
Where: Ducks Nuts Hotel
When: Saturday August 7, 2004

PERFORMING all the latest chart hits is what newly formed outfit EXODIA prides itself on.

Comprising MICHAEL BRITT and JIM PAPWORTH, Exodia delivered its first performance last month and hopes to gain a wide following of fans around the region.

``We make a total commitment to provide the audience with the highest energy party vibe that lasts all night long,'' Papworth said.

``That means more dance floor hits by the most up-to- date artists such as OUTKAST, N*E*R*D, PLANET FUNK, EAMON, KELIS, GOOD CHARLOTTE, ROBBIE WILLIAMS, JXL, POWDERFINGER, BLINK 182 and many more.'' Papworth said the group had also mastered the classics by artists such as STEVIE WONDER, WILD CHERRY, THE KINKS, PINK FLOYD, and DEEP PURPLE keep the older crowd happy as well.

Britt has performed professionally around Newcastle for the past 15 years.

After early stints in original bands CRIMSON STATE and THE BLACK, Britt joined popular rock band ZIPPER in 1998 and later became a member of QUAAN. Like Britt, Papworth has an extensive background in live performance.

He has played in many of the city's most popular covers bands such as JARRD, VINYL, ZIPPER and ELEVATION. Exodia will perform at the DUCK'S NUTS HOTEL on Thursday from 11.30pm and SHOAL BAY COUNTRY CLUB on Saturday from 8.30pm.

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