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July 7, 2004 - Week View


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Show Brings Queen Magic Back to Life Queen It's A Kind Of Magic Civic Theatre 31/7/2004
No Stopping Spiderbait Spiderbait University - Bar on the Hill 9/9/2004
Glory in the Power of Splendour Vanlustbader The Cambridge Hotel 7/8/2004
Ballet Beauty Swans In St Petersburg Ballet Company Civic Theatre 8/6/2004
Schneider's Songs Have Honest Roots Melinda Schneider Maitland City Bowling Club 23/7/2004
Miller's Latest Journey Journey - A Film By Warren Miller Western Suburbs Leagues Club 7/11/2004
Cosmic Rock to Take on Wider World The Cosmic Cowboys Hamilton Green Roof Hotel 18/7/2004
Proud Of It's Party Tracks Exodia Ducks Nuts Hotel 7/8/2004
Lang Likened to Idols Jeff Lang Morrow Park Bowling Club 7/9/2004

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