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Lussh Rocks into Duck's Nuts

Lussh Rocks into Duck's Nuts

Who: Lussh
Where: Ducks Nuts Hotel
When: Saturday August 28, 1999

FIVE-PIECE rock band LUSSH, playing on Friday night at the Duck's Nuts Hotel and Saturday night at The Clubhouse in Maitland, features impressive vocalist TERRI WILSON. Wilson's sultry stage presence and energetic performance style provides a major focus for Lussh, which plays an ultra-contemporary repertoire with a few classics thrown in.

All members of Lussh are talented musicians in their own right.

THERESA MCGOWAN on keyboards teams up with Wilson to provide dual female harmonies on tracks by artists such as BABY ANIMALS, ALANIS MORISSETTE, DEB CONWAY, THE CRANBERRIES, GARBAGE, DIVINYLS, NO DOUBT, HOLE, VERUCA SALT, KYLIE MINOGUE and more.

Eminently experienced and charming guitarist MICHAEL STOVE also provides vocal backing, while leading an awesome back line consisting of bass player ADAM ROBINSON and drummer PAUL CANDIAN. The group covers left of centre songs such as BLACK BUGS by REGURGITATOR, FREEDOM OF CHOICE by DEVO, and toons by IAN DURY, PRIMARY, BIG PIG and BLUR. TE

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