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Soldiers Point Bowling Club

Soldiers Point Road
Soldiers Point 2317

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Articles Featuring Soldiers Point Bowling Club

Artist or Event Title Publication Date
Rick Price  Rick Price 9/7/2003
The Whitlams  The Whitlams 16/7/2003
Adam Harvey  Country to Come on a City Tour 6/8/2003
BABBA  Babba's Back as Energetic as Always 20/8/2003
Ross Wilson  Second Best Is Enough For Father of Cool 20/8/2003
The Delltones  Delltones Are Still Rock 'N' Rolling 3/9/2003
Col Elliot  Plenty of Wisecracks and Laughs 17/9/2003
The Delltones  Delltones Party On 15/10/2003
Kevin Bloody Wilson  Kevin Bloody Wilson To Return 22/10/2003
Mental As Anything  Never Too Many Times For The Mentals 3/3/2004
Wendy Matthews  Wendy Back To The Basics 23/6/2004

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