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Choogle Along to the Brothers' Beat

Choogle Along to the Brothers' Beat

Who: The Chooglin' Brothers
Where: Hamilton Station Hotel
When: Wednesday March 15, 2000

HAMILTON Station Hotel is a venue which has been known as the centre of the Karaoke Universe - until recently, with the addition of duos and soloists.

Next Wednesday, March 15, THE CHOOGLIN' BROTHERS of ROB BARRY and DALLAS MCDERMOTT will introduce their act, which goes a step further than duos.

With McDermott (pictured) on vocals, guitar, keyboard and saxophone, Barry complements the computer-backed bass and rhythm tracks with live percussion and drumming.

'It brings a lot of light and shade, a brightness and a liveness,' McDermott said of the inclusion of live percussion.

'Not only can you hear and see percussion, but you can actually feel it as well.'

For the past five months the Chooglin' Brothers have been performing in the Hunter's clubs, which vary widely in musical tastes ranging from rock to old time classics, depending on the age group. Previously the pair performed in a full live band ROCK'N'ROLL RELICS. McDermott said the Hamilton Station would enable the duo to perform its 'pub rock set' where it pulled out a 'surf set' filled with reggae, calypso, rock'n'roll and pop music.

The group also performed a soul music set featuring the music of JAMES BROWN and SAM & DAVE. 'Rob's got a really good rock voice so he does GARY MOORE, JOHNNY COUGAR and GEORGE THOROGOOD,' McDermott said. TE

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