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You Can See Their Faces Again

You Can See Their Faces Again

Who: The Angels
Where: Cardiff Panthers
When: Wednesday January 25, 2006

THE Original Angels Band will rock Cardiff Panthers on January 25.

Even after 30 years in the business, members John Brewster, Chris Bailey, Graham ``Buzz'' Bidstrup and Rick Brewster still love playing live.

``We love all the gigs we do whether they're pubs or clubs,'' Bailey said.

``I think if you're in a good band, playing good music and the audience reaction is good, you go wherever, whenever. That's the name of the game.'' It was in 2002 that the four musicians came together again after a 20-year hiatus from The Angels. An impromptu performance at a show in Perth proved that their chemistry was still alive and well, and the reception from the audience encouraged them to get back together.

Now the group minus former frontman Doc Neeson has made an almighty comeback. An album titled Live At The Basement has been released and the band's tour schedule is booked solid. ``It's fantastic to get back together. We never thought in a million years that we'd be back playing in this band. But it's just remarkable. Everyone's got a grin for ear to ear. ``It's the old showbiz adage. You never say never in this business. ``The audiences just love it. I'm a bit of a crusty old cynic after all these years in the business but it constantly amazes me at the end of every gig we do just the look of rapture.'' People just love it. It's a bloody good feeling.'' See the band at Cardiff Panthers on January 25. Tickets: $20 at the club.

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