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Monk's Skill is Quite an Art

Monk's Skill is Quite an Art

Who: Shaolin Warriors
Where: Civic Theatre
When: Tuesday June 22, 2004

THE visually spectacular and remarkable skill of the SHAOLIN WARRIORS will be presented at the CIVIC THEATRE NEWCASTLE on Tuesday, June 22.

A group of 24 authentic warrior monks highly skilled in martial arts will present the world-renowned Kung Fu spectacular.

Acclaimed across the globe, the Shaolin Warriors display a combination of martial arts, contortion, acrobatics and athletic skills as they weave an enchanting storyline that reflects their ancient philosophy and traditions.

The traditional art was instituted by monks of the Shaolin order, who incorporated their Buddhist teachings with a belief in the discipline of martial arts as a manifestation of their religion.

Recognising the need to protect themselves in a battle- torn feudal China, the early Shaolin monks embarked on a long process to develop a system of self-defence by meditating on the attack and defence movements of the animals that lived near the monastery.

The Shaolin monks called their system of fighting wushu and after centuries of practise their order became famous.

Shaolin Warriors brings soldier monks from the original Shaolin monastery in Henan to perform some of their most spectacular feats.

Shaolin Warriors will feature four scenes summer, autumn, winter and spring depicting the philosophical theory of the life cycle of Buddhism.

Tickets are on sale from TICKETEK on 4929 1977.

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