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Who: Digger Revell
Where: Western Suburbs Leagues Club
When: Friday May 9, 2003

HE played to troops in Asia during the Vietnam War and has an extensive list of Top 10 hits to his name.

But for almost 40 years, Australia's rock'n'roll legend Digger Revell has been noticeably absent from the stages of Newcastle.

That will change this weekend when Revell gives his debut performance in front of Novocastrian fans during two shows at Belmont and Lambton.

The rock'n'roll generation would no doubt be familiar with Revell who made a name for himself in the early 60s performing with his band The Denvermen.

Revell and the band had their first hit with the track I'm Building Castles In The Air which paved the way for a string of other Top 10 hits.

Other hits included My Little Rocker's Turned Surfie, Somewhere Over the Rainbow, Jenny Jenny, My Prayer, The World's Gone Crazy and Let's Hear It For the Working Man.

His talents were weaved worldwide when he toured throughout Japan, Korea, Thailand, Hong Kong, China and The Philippines.

His popularity in Vietnam saw him complete 11 tours of the country between 1967 and 1972.

He continues to perform Australia and kicked off his latest tour in Surfers Paradise in December.

The tour will bring Revell to Wests Leagues Club on Friday night and Belmont 16ft Sailing Club on Saturday night.

His new show consists of new material, his own hits, segments from The Jolson Story as well as country and rock'n'roll hits.

Revell will be joined on stage by his six-piece band of respected musicians including his life-long guitarist and musical director Terry Hearne.

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