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Genevieve Maynard

Genevieve Maynard

Who: Genevieve Maynard, Bernie Hayes
Where: Morrow Park Bowling Club
When: Friday May 9, 2003




does the name ring any bells? Even if it doesn't there are sure to be a few people who are familiar with her striking voice.

Maynard made her name in Sydney band Stella One Eleven but has become an artist in her own right with the release of her debut album Ghost Notes.

While she said she hasn't ended things with Stella One Eleven, she admits that she has enjoyed the solo life.

``It's a very different experience,'' Maynard said.

``I'm able to pursue the direction I want to pursue and not have to take other people's ideas on board, which is a luxury.

'' ``Obviously my priority is my own work, but I plan on keeping Stella going for as long as is humanly possible.

Although Maynard says the album was a luxurious experience, that doesn't mean she lightened her workload.

In fact, Maynard not only penned all of the tunes but also engineered, produced and mixed the album.

``I did it because I can and I felt that I had a certain point to prove to myself,'' she says.

``It's taken me a while to build up my knowledge to the point where I felt that I could do it.

I wanted to do it so I could say to myself, `You did it.

You created something from scratch and took it to fruition'.

'' Her labour of love has continued with a vigorous touring schedule that has continued since the album's December release.

She will return to Newcastle to perform at Salarium at Morrow Park Bowling Club on Friday night with Bernie Hayes.

Doors open at 7pm and entry is $8.

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