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Band Back Before Rrelease of Album

Who: Texas Radio and the Big Beat
Where: Lass O' Gowrie
When: Saturday March 9, 2002

FANS of Texas Radio and the Big Beat will be glad to see the return of the band before the release of its new album.

The three-piece group will perform a long-awaited gig at The Lass O'Gowrie Hotel on Saturday night in preparation for the album release.

With the album in the completion stages, Texas Radio's guitarist Phil McIntyre said the band can't wait to see it hit the shelves.

'Like all independent bands, it's been a bit hard to get the last bit of money in place to release it,' McIntyre said.

'The songs are recorded, it just has to be mastered and then have the cover designed and we're away!

'So I'm looking forward to the gig at the Lass which will start us refocusing on the band a lot more.'

The band has been occupied with a number of side projects, but now they are ready to put all their efforts into Texas Radio.

'I've been busy doing a pile of stuff which is music-related but not directly concerned with the Radios,' McIntyre said.

McIntyre has been producing videos for local act Supersonic and bassist Joe Velikovsky had a stint designing computer games.

'Mind you, I've just bought a new acoustic guitar and I've been churning out some new songs,' Velikovsky said.

'It keeps my mind clear and get's me out of that computer head space.'

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