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Beehive to Host a Cheeky Artist

Beehive to Host a Cheeky Artist

Who: Merri-May Gill
Where: Beehive Café
When: Thursday October 25, 2001

AUSTRALIAN folk performer Merri-May Gill will perform at a little known folk club in Islington tomorrow evening.

Known as The Beehive Cafe, the club is run by a Newcastle folk group.

The show will be a far cry from the venues Gill filled during a recent trip to the United Kingdom, which included a season at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Gill returned to launch her new album That's Me On The Cover. She performs her songs with her tongue firmly in her cheek and her vocal range can handle the many styles she performs.

Her witty and satirical look at modern life sets her apart from many of her contemporaries and she has no problem shocking crowds with her cheeky lyrics.

The Beehive Cafe is at 8 Lewis St, Islington, and the show will begin at 7.30pm.

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