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Get Spiritual with Moses

Get Spiritual with Moses

Who: Moses O'Jah
Where: Gallipoli Legion Club
When: Sunday October 15, 2000

SINGER, composer, multi-instrumentalist and performer, MOSES O'JAH, has been enthralling audiences in his native Ghana and his adopted home of Denmark for over a decade.

He has changed the face of African music Down Under since his stunning debut tour of Australia in 1997.

O'Jah is performing from 7.30pm this Sunday night at the Gallipoli Legion Club for the closing of Fiesta, in a traditional show which combines exotic West African costumes, music and dance.

O'Jah's band AFRO MOSES is a modern show which blends the colour of traditional Ghana with the funkiest of modern dance music, creating an up-beat, highly danceable show with deep universal appeal.

Moses grew up in the village of Ateiku in Ghana's west and began rounding up local children to craft their own instruments and perform at an early age.

By his teens he became known as the 'African JAMES BROWN'. His training on traditional instruments and his later adaptation of western instruments and recording technology have been a seamless focus of his musical life.

Since his first visit to Denmark as part of a cultural-exchange program in 1986, Afro Moses has lived in two disparate worlds.

His music reflects his respect, passion and awe for both; his bands reflect his love for mixing the peoples of the world in order to share each other's cultures.

Afro Moses is a singer with a rich, emotive voice and a broad range of African and western singing styles at his disposal.

His band compositions skilfully blend his life, reggae, kwassa-wassa, jive and western rock to create a unique Afro-reggae fusion that has dazzled audiences of all ages.

Afro Moses brings with him five exceptional musicians from Ghana, including award-winning female singer and dancer Gifty Kuukua Ayirebi-Acquah.

The compelling rhythms of Moses O'Jah combined with Kuukua's vibrant, spirited dancing are sure to get even the most unwilling dancer out on the floor.

He deftly unites these elements to create a fresh Afro-reggae fusion with universal appeal.

Solo dancers add an unforgettable visual component to the shows.

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