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Tribus Wiping Tarnish off Metal

Tribus Wiping Tarnish off Metal

Who: Tribus
Where: Hunter on Hunter
When: Thursday February 24, 2000

IN the formative years of heavy metal, OZZY OSBOURNE and the BLACK SABBATH boys would have played a small pub like the Hunter On Hunter.

Thirty years later a Newcastle band called TRIBUS is sending out the same call to fans of straight-up, hard-rocking music who like the sound pure and uninfected by rap, funk or anything vaguely approaching 'nu-metal'.

Tomorrow night at the Hunter On Hunter Tribus will bring a brand of hard rock to punters that is looser than fans of this type of music might be used to hearing.

But on the upside there's plenty of raw power, judging by a demo tape the band sent in last week. What it lacks in precision it makes up for in explosive dynamic energy.

Track two THROWN AWAY is a showcase for the big metal drumming of BENN BAXTER that is ambitious and crucial to the technical song structures.

Guitars by DEAN HOLMES in this song hint at a SOUNDGARDEN influence, with stabbing fills over the dirgy rhythm of bass player JASON ARGENT, that will please fans who like to throw their heads about.

But track three, SUBCONSCIOUS, proves the point that even metal, with its ranting choruses, needs a melodic hook that will make the listener want to return to the music. The final track, MACHINE, comes in with a thunderous riff, slows then reverts to double-kick speed.

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