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Pseudo Comeback 80s Echo

Pseudo Comeback 80s Echo

Who: Pseudo Echo

WE laughed in the early 1990s when we looked back over our shoulder at the decade that produced MILLI VANILLI and bands like PSEUDO ECHO that, on the surface anyway, seemed to come in a puff of hairspray and evaporate just as quickly.

But as we pretended to be superior, and sneered at the 1980s from the comfort of our torn denim jeans and standard-issue grunge flannos, we secretly bopped out like crazy whenever songs like FUNKY TOWN came on late in nightclubs.

Now it seems that Pseudo Echo is destined to have the last laugh with a re-mixed version of FUNKY TOWN Y2K: THE SINGLES out now, and more planned.

You see, the band had a million sales worldwide, a Top 10 single on the BILLBOARD US pop charts, a No.1 single on the US Billboard dance charts, a Top 10 single in the UK ...

The list goes on and on - Seven Top 10 singles in Australia alone.

Now the world's biggest record company here in Australia, UNIVERSAL MUSIC, wants to do it all over again.

Expect to see later this year a two-CD set comprising new tracks and re-mixes of past hits, and a second disc featuring a previously unreleased live recording of the AUTUMNAL PARK album.

And check out Pseudo Echo at the Sydney Entertainment Centre on Saturday night with CULTURE CLUB and THE VILLAGE PEOPLE! How many weeks was Funky Town number one in the 1980s?

Twelve, we kid you not. TE

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